Session 11 -  broadcast - 13th November 2021

Mainly  Cornwall 

Fire Down Below - Rum and Shrub Shantymen

Cornish Lads Are Fishermen - Countrymen

Round the Corner Sally - Press Gang

Little Sally Racket - Pirates Of St. Piran

Coast Of High Barbary - Fisherman’s Friends

South Australia - Bencoolen Wreckers

Figure Head Girls - Figurehead

Jacq the Shantyman - Bryhers Boys

Long Time Ago - Exmouth Shanty Men

L'harmonica -Les Souillés de Fond de Cale

The Last of the Pirateers - Countrymen

Tramps - Rum and Shrub Shantymen

Rattle Them Winches -Press Gang

Sam's Gone Away - Les Souillés de Fond de Cale

Le Capitaine De San Malo - Fisherman’s Friends

Mollymauk - Wellington Wailers

Row Boys Row - The Changing Room

The Falmouth Packet/Haul Away Joe - Show Of Hands

(Bonus Hornpipe)
The Beeswing - Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Chris Newman

Theme Tune: Porthole Of The Kelp – (trad. arr. Toucan Pirates)