Session 9 - first broadcast - 16th October 2021

All About The Grog - Sailors and booze!

Old Black Rum - Great Big Sea

Captain Grog - The Barley Boys

Whiskey You're the Devil - Slogmåkane Sjantikor

Paddy Lay Back - The Dreadnoughts

Drinking That WineKimber's Men

Have A Drink On Me - Santiano

Herzogin CecileBounding Main

Port of AmsterdamDavid Bowie (Live)

The Red Rose Café - The Fureys

Farewell to Grog - The Boarding Party

Grace O'Malley- Cathie Ryan

Leis An Lurighan - Broken Whistle

Johnny Is Gone to Hilo - Ryczące Dwudziestki

Rum Runner - The X-Seamen's Institute

Whiskey Johnny - Sheshanties

All for Me Grog -  The Dubliners

Up and Away - The Poxy Boggards

A Drop of Nelson's Blood - El Pony Pisador

Drunken Sailor -  Shanty Gruppe Breitling

Hornpipe: Home By The Fire - Donogh Hennessy (Bonus Track)

Theme Tune: Porthole Of The Kelp – (trad. arr. Toucan Pirates)