Session 16 - broadcast - 5th  February 2022
Rivers, Barging and more..

Liverpool Judies [with Perly i Lotry Shanghaju & Qftry]
- Poles Apart, Tom Lewis
Alabama John Cherokee - The Press Gang
The Maid on the Shore - Jamie Jaffe, Bill Smith
Chaunticleer - Rick Spencer
Saltpetre Shanty - The Boarding Party

Rolling Down the River - Pressgang Mutiny
A Hundred Years Ago - A. L. Lloyd
Sally Racket - A. L. Lloyd
Rio Grande - The Albany Shantymen
Congo River - The Jolly Rogers
Reagan Dougan - Wellington Sea Shanty Society
The Balena - The Skullduggers
The Wellerman - Annapantsu
Mollymauk - Kimber's Men
Barge Ballad - The Longest Johns
The Jolly Roving Tar - Hank Cramer
Yangtse River Shanty - Finn & Haddie
River Driver - Great Big Sea
Mingulay Boat Song - The Poxy Boggards


Theme Tune: Porthole Of The Kelp – (trad. arr. Toucan Pirates)