Session 15- first  broadcast - 8th January 2022
New Year - New Shanty Crews on the 7 Seven Seas


Day-Oh! (Banana Boat Song) - Banana Boat
Johnny, Come Down to Hilo - Storm Weather Shanty Choir
Rye Whiskey - The Pirates Charles
Du rhum des Femmes - Soldat Louis
Santy Anna - Long John Silver

Here's the Tender Coming - Long Lankin
Hullabaloo Belay - Admirals Hard
Blow the Man Down - Abney Park

Le capitaine de Saint-Malo - Tri Yann

The Dreadnought - The Skullduggers
Horo Johnny - Sophie Janna
Rolling Down to Old Maui - Todd Rundgren

Coal Black Rosie - Finn & Haddie

Pirate Queen - Karliene
Bear Away, Yankee - Tom Lewis & Qftry

Heave a Pawl - Short Drag Roger
River Driver - QFTRY

Dogger Bank - Nelson's Shantymen
Round The Bay Of Mexico - Banana Boat

Theme Tune: Porthole Of The Kelp – (trad. arr. Toucan Pirates)